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3-6歳幼童, 須由成人指導下使用。


<小轉蟲> (廣東話)

小轉蟲   捐山窿

長長彩色身體   爬得好輕鬆

小轉蟲   去吹吹風 

被隻烏鴉   發現左佢真陰功 


轉啊轉 轉個彎

毛毛蟲 轉啊轉啊好好玩

轉啊轉 要想個辦法

別讓烏鴉抓到 小心啊

小轉蟲 - 主唱: Emma 創作:智瑩姑娘
小轉蟲 - (國語) Katherine


Play without checkered bottom plate
A. Collaborative Puzzle
First put the head of the small Zhuan insect on the table, and the players take turns to draw a card to lengthen the body of the small Zhuan insect. When drawing the card, you can guess the direction of the small Zhuan insect with the child, and finish Let’s take a look at how interesting the body is.

(This gameplay focuses on training children to take turns and master simple game flow)

B. Fighting Quick Puzzle
Two players compete. Each player is randomly assigned ten cards and one insect head card. After counting 123, the fastest and most likely to complete the small insect transfer wins.


How to use checkered board

  • Discuss together where the head of the small worm should be placed on the top square of the cardboard (the grid with the head of the small worm), you can put one or two heads in different positions.

  • Each person chooses a square at the bottom of the cardboard as their starting point.

  • Each person draws a card and places it at their starting point.

  • The game starts: each person sends four cards and puts them on the cardboard in turn. Each time the card is placed, it must be connected to the body of the small turnworm and sent to the head. If there is no suitable card in hand, the card will be drawn. The one who connects the body of the worm to the head wins.

  • If two worms collide, or if there is no suitable card to connect the head of the worms, it will be a tie.


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